UXCam is faster, easier to integrate, and is 100% built for mobile apps

Hybrid solutions are rarely the right solution for a specific area. Our area is mobile apps only, and we provide a 360 degree analytics solution for mobile apps.


UXCam is the leader in mobile app analytics

UXCam is the market leader in mobile app analytics: We provide a full-scale mobile app analytics solution for all app platforms and frameworks. Identify usability issues effortlessly, improve the customer journey, and boost your app KPIs.

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Trusted by the largest mobile brands worldwide.


Mobile app analytics is an entirely different story from web...

Analysing mobile apps is like managing a space program. You have to keep track of multiple versions at the same time across different platforms like iOS and Android. Integrating with mobile app platforms comes with entirely different challenges to web analytics.


Treating mobile apps like websites is like comparing an airplane to a car. Mobile app development is more complex by design, and therefore analysing app user behavior requires the right platform.

Why choose UXCam?

Live in over 22,000 apps globally


UXCam holds a 70% market share when it comes to SDK installs. Our SDK has been battle tested over the last 6 years across most mobile app platforms.


Built for speed


Our SDK can be integrated within an hour. Integrate our SDK easily, with no impact on your app's speed. Our SDKs are light-weight by design, and can integration with almost any platform.

Dedicated SDK support by platform experts


Our SDK can be integrated within an hour. Integrate our SDK easily, with no impact on your app's speed. Our SDKs are light-weight by design, and can integration with 8 different platforms.

Supported platforms

Out of the box features, requiring no custom configuration

Get started right after integration, without any developer support


Session replay



Segment sessions by user, device and version attributes. Rewatch all sessions for identified user segments.


Mobile Heatmaps



Review heatmaps for all screens in your app. Segment by user gestures, and frustration signals like rage taps.


Screenflow analytics.



Analyse the user journey with our screenflow graph.  Set up screen based funnels, and identify where users drop out.

Issue analytics

UI Freezes


Track UI freezes, crashes and handled exceptions by OS version, and device type.

Advanced customization 

Enrich your data with custom events, and event based funnels


Event analytics


Send custom events to out dashboard, and segment your data further. Use our embedded event analytics feature, and rewatch specific events via session replay.




Custom funnels


Set up custom funnels based on events. Zoom in on drop-off segments, and uncover hidden user frustrations via heatmaps and session replay.


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Take your mobile app experience to the next level
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We now use UXCam to validate our product ideas and test out hypotheses with raw, actionable user insights.


Gaurav Jain Lead Product Manager

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If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what’s going on. Playing a key role across multiple teams, UXCam is now an integral part of the launch and live ops strategy.

Costa Coffee

Daniel Tomlinson Global Digital Analytics Manager

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We wanted to make data-driven decisions on what content to push out next and evaluate how our instructors are doing. With UXCam, we get a holistic picture of the top performing content within the app and the instructors that drive the highest user engagement.

Inspire Fitness

Neil Jain Product Manager

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