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UXCam is the market leader in mobile app analytics: We provide a full-scale experience analytics solution for all mobile app platforms. Identify usability issues effortlessly, improve the customer journey, and boost your app KPIs.

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Session recording & replay

We record your users’ sessions from start to finish so you can replay their journey and identify pain points. Segment your sessions based on user gestures, rage taps, UI freezes, and many other attributes. Set up in just 30 minutes, without any customized tagging. 

App conversion funnels

Use funnels to break down your app user journey into key milestones. Track funnel performance in real-time and easily zoom in on funnel audiences to analyze them further via heatmaps and session recordings.


Custom event tracking

Send events — user actions, errors, or triggers — and gain deeper insights into your users’ behavior. Customize, group and filter your events to measure the adoption of new features, create advanced funnels, and know how your users interact with each screen of your app.

Issue Analytics engine  

Take crash analytics to the next level. We use machine learning to automatically highlight problematic sessions. Know when and where your users struggle with crashes, rage taps, UI freezes, and other hidden UX issues.


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Customer stories

Luis Bitencourt-Emilio about UXCam
"UXCam helps us to identify potential friction points during our order flow that could cause users not to complete an order. Based on that, we make adjustments targeted at those friction points to streamline our flows and increase our conversion rates."
Luis Bitencourt-Emilio , Chief Product Officer
Erin Mayer about UXCam
"We've been using UXCam regularly and found it especially helpful as we introduced a new user flow within our app recently. The video tool even helped us to uncover a bug that was occurring within the new flow, so that in particular was a huge win with using the product!"
Erin Mayer , Product Manager